New hardlink clone code in tip

Volker Kleinfeld Volker.Kleinfeld at
Fri Sep 16 10:31:35 CDT 2005

> So don't use older versions of mercurial or versions of python
> that don't support the win32file module on repositories with hardlinks.
> I don't believe this should cause a problem for most people, but
> mercurial hackers in particular may need to beware.

This is a nice patch, played around with it and seems to work nice.
One comment to the compatibility with older versions of mercurial.

I think people can easily run into problems. Just imagin the new 0.7
version is out, but people still keep there 0.6c. Now they use 0.7 with
hardlinks, but find a bug and fallback to 0.6c. Result: You will corrupt
your repos.

Don't get me wrong I think we should have this patch (the earlier the
but in the CHANGE file or in the windows install wiki, there should be a
on this potential issue.


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