Mercurial v0.7 released!

Matt Mackall mpm at
Fri Sep 16 16:29:59 CDT 2005

This is to announce the availability of version 0.7 of the Mercurial
distributed SCM. This release features numerous usability
improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes over previous

More information about Mercurial, including information on downloading
sources and binaries can be found at:

Many thanks to Mercurial contributors and supporters for making the
continued rapid improvement of this software possible!

Upgrade notes:

Mercurial 0.6c introduced a layout change that affects a small number
of repositories. To avoid potential future name collisions,
repositories containing directory names ending in ".i", ".d", or ".hg"
(eg: etc/init.d/foo) need escaping. If you have a repository
containing such directories, it can be updated with the following UNIX

 find .hg -type d -name "*.[di]" -exec echo mv {} {}.hg ";"

As of 0.7, hardlink cloning is now supported on Windows with NTFS and
ActiveState Python. Because old versions cannot properly determine the
link count of hardlinked files, using old versions of Mercurial on a
new repository containing hardlinks may be dangerous.

Changes from 0.6 to 0.7:

 greatly improved merge logic
 improved copy/rename support (still experimental)
 automatic binary file handling
 generic file filtering support
 support for user-defined hooks (aka triggers)
 support for local tags and finding branches with tags
 numerous performance improvements
command line
 fewer long, confusing hashes to deal with
 new commands: clone, revert, incoming/outgoing, bundle/unbundle,
 grep, rename
 more powerful path handling with most commands
 improved push and pull support
 support for plug-in extensions
 much improved exception handling and debugging support
 many new command options and settings
web interface
 more conformant and compatible HTML output
 built-in RSS feeds
 fast multiple keyword search
 easy to set up multiple repository interface
 configurable support for downloading tarballs and zip files
 improved configurability
 IPv6 support
 improved built-in help and man pages
 a greatly expanded wiki
 tutorials in multiple languages
 full support for Windows, including hardlinking and file filtering
 should easily compile and install on any modern UNIX
 binary packages available for many systems
 powerful bash completion support
 Emacs integration
 updated hgk
and more
 expanded test suite
 numerous bug fixes and cleanups

Changes from 0.6c to 0.7:

 improved merge logic
 improved copy/rename support (still experimental)
 automatic binary file handling
 generic file filtering support
 various performance improvements
command line
 new bundle/unbundle commands for exchanging native updates
 more natural support for remove, copy, and rename
 faster, more powerful log command
 new grep command for searching entire history
 support for plug-in extensions
 improved exception handling and debugging facilities
 optional downloading of tarballs and zip files
Windows support
 hardlinking support
 newline conversion through file filtering
 updated hgk

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