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> This exactly what other SCMs call a merge... and it sucks. Having to
> merge all the time is exactly what I want to avoid!
> Because it's inconvenient.

If there are no conflicts, the merge is automatic. There are smarter and less smart algorithms for it, of course.

You can't do without merging. Two people can always create incompatible changes and then you have to merge or discard one set of them.
Tell me how to avoid it entirely.

> Secondly, I do not want distributed repositories. I want all the
> configuration archived on one central machine, so I can easily compare
> machines, prepare changes for a rollout etc.

Compare repos? It's still possible in distributed system if other people make their repos available. The only change required is a central repository of all machines in your repo-network.
(This starts looking like a spider web)

You probably want a two-way system. This means that you can push to all
cloned repositories forcibly. However, what will you do if they did
some local changes? You'll just force a merge on them? What if there are any conflicts?
Solving them by hand by the server operator seems extremely 
IMO, the merge should always be done by the client.

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