Commit Tool for mercurial

Vincent Danjean Vincent.Danjean at
Sun Sep 18 17:23:21 CDT 2005


   I packaged for debian commit-tool, ie (h)gct[1].
It allows to commit to hg (and git) with a graphical interface.
The package is available on my web page[2] and will be available in the
official debian archive once the ftp team approve this new package.

   Now, as a mercurial user, it would be great if hgct would be available
as a mercurial extension, ie called with "hg ct" for example. Is there
anybody that can do that (I do not know python enough myself).
   For (h)gct developpers, it would be useful is this case that hgct
close itself once the user commited its files. Perhaps an option :
hgct --one-commit

   As a maintainer, it would be great if mercurial extensions can be
installed system wide without having to write (and merge) a global
rc file.
   What about mercurial reading, for example,  all files in
/etc/mercurial/hgrc.d/ ? So a mercurial extension can install its
file in this directory and then all users can use this extension.



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