mq: hg qnew doesn't record changes in the patch

Robin Farine robin.farine at
Mon Sep 19 06:33:37 CDT 2005


I am starting to experiment with the mq extension. First, what an 
awesome addition to the already wonderful world of Mercurial! It 
does exactly what I missed from many scm tools: volatile 
micro-branches to prepare series of clean changesets. And combined 
with Mercurial, it's just perfect. So, many thanks to the authors 
and contributors of these excellent tools.

Now back to the subject. It looks like 'hg qnew' records the patch 
creation in Mercurial by a forced commit of the current state of 
the tree. When there are uncommitted changes in the tree, they get 
recorded in the new changeset but not in the new mq patch. Later, 
when one 'hg qpop' this patch, the associated changes disappear 
with the discarded changeset. Also, an 'hg qpush' of this patch 
complains that there is only garbage in the patch file.

When there are uncommitted changes in the tree, it would be nice if 
'hg qnew' either complains and errors out without taking any action 
or includes the changes in the new patch. I tend to prefer the 
former but I guess others might find the latter more user friendly.


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