How to track a non-Mercurial repository

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at
Tue Sep 20 12:33:43 CDT 2005

Seth Falcon wrote:

>Hi there,
>I just started playing with hg so if I'm making newbie mistakes,
>please be patient.
>Below is the error trace that I get when I run a hg ci command.  Here
>are some details:
>I'm trying to use hg to track the source code for a project that uses
>svn (the project is R  
This seems like something a lot of people will be doing soon. Could 
anyone explain good ways to track CVS, Subversion and other RCSs 
repositories using Mercurial as your personal SCM?. AFAICT Tailor is 
useful to convert between different SCMs, but not for this task.


Rafael Villar Burke

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