unknown exception error during hg commit

Chris Mason mason at suse.com
Wed Sep 21 01:52:21 CDT 2005

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005 13:44:57 -0700
Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> wrote:

     raise AssertionError(
> > AssertionError: failed to remove src/library/Recommended/KernSmooth.tgz from manifest
> > 
> > transaction abort!
> > rollback completed
> >
> > Any advice for cleaning up my mess, not creating the mess again, etc?
> There shouldn't be any mess to clean up - it rolled back the partially
> completed checkin.
> Not sure what's happening here though, perhaps Chris has a theory.

[ sorry, resend with a proper cc list ]

This assertion means the commit indicated src/library/Recommended/KernSmooth.tgz should be removed from the manifest, but it wasn't found in the manifest when we tried to remove it.  Is there anything special about this file?  Did it really exist before the commit?  Was it a softlink?


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