mq: hg qnew doesn't record changes in the patch

Chris Mason mason at
Wed Sep 21 02:00:23 CDT 2005

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005 18:17:56 +0200
Robin Farine <robin.farine at> wrote:

> On Tue September 20 2005 16:40, Chris Mason wrote:
> > now has an updated mq command. 
> > With local changes, hg qnew will error out, and hg qnew -f will
> > proceed.  With hg qnew -f, you can run hg qrefresh to get the
> > local changes included in your patch.
> Since a Mercurial changeset created by 'qnew -f' can be easily 
> removed by qpop, shouldn't the refresh step automatically be 
> performed when qnew is invoked with -f?

In general, -f means 'I really know what I'm doing, don't do extra checks'.  For qpush and qpop, it skips the check for local changes (making the push or pop much faster on large repos), so I'm trying to be consistent in how the flag gets used.


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