bash_completion needs extglob shell option

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Wed Sep 21 02:12:13 CDT 2005

* TK Soh <teekaysoh at> [20050904 04:11]:
> # HG changeset patch
> # User TK Soh <teekaysoh at>
> # Node ID 1a04aaef30b8282e00ae0ee0d30e95f519029c7d
> # Parent  c165cbf56bb117ebdd226aea950e67b543a665e7
> bash_completion: extended patterns require extglob option

Yes, this is needed. Other bash completion scripts seem to simply
turn it on, too, while they are making sure that _other_ shopt
settings get restored properly.

Applied to mercurial/tah to be pulled by Matt.


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