Announcing a standalone self-extracting Windows installer for Mercurial

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Wed Sep 21 03:10:05 CDT 2005

I am pleased to announce the availability of a standalone Windows
version of Mercurial 0.7 (plus extra bits), packaged as a
self-extracting installer.

Benefits of this package:

      * NO PREREQUISITES!  You don't need Python installed to use
        Mercurial any longer, because it's a Windows executable.  You
        can't even tell that Mercurial is a Python application!
      * Uses standard Windows installer/uninstaller wizards that
        everyone is familiar with.
      * The download is just 2.5MB in size, but is fully featured.
      * Comes with complete post-install configuration instructions.
      * If your system uses NTFS filesystems, we use hardlinks to clone
        local repositories, saving time and disk space.

Here's the download link:

And here's the Coralized version, in case my home DSL link is slow:

Please give it a try, and report your feedback to the mailing list.  I
hope that people will find it useful.

For the extremely brave, the complete reproduction recipe can be pulled
from and will ship with future
releases of Mercurial.


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