New standalone Windows release

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Wed Sep 21 17:58:26 CDT 2005

This release has several important feature enhancements.

* New INI files have been added to control Mercurial's behaviour:

    System-wide -  C:\Mercurial\Mercurial.ini
    Per-user    -  C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Mercurial.ini

  A default version of the system-wide INI file is installed with
  Mercurial.  No per-user INI file is installed, but it will be
  honoured if you create one.

* Windows line endings are now handled automatically and correctly by
  the update and commit commands.  See the INI file for how to
  customise this behaviour.  This means that you can interoperate with
  people using Mercurial on Linux and Unix.

* NOTE: Much of the rest of the Mercurial code does not handle Windows
  line endings properly.  Accordingly, the output of the diff command,
  for example, will appear huge until I fix this.

* Packaged text files now have correct Windows line endings.

> Here's the download link:
> And here's the Coralized version, in case my home DSL link is slow:
> Please give it a try, and report your feedback to the mailing list.  I
> hope that people will find it useful.
> For the extremely brave, the complete reproduction recipe can be pulled
> from and will ship with future
> releases of Mercurial.

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