email notification setup

Zbynek Winkler zwin at
Thu Sep 22 11:26:13 CDT 2005

Matt Mackall wrote:

>>Does anyone have an email notificator ready for use with mercurial 
>>changegroup hook?
>Add this to .hg/hgrc:
>commit = commithook
>And put this in your path:
>SUBJECT=`hg log -r $NODE | grep "^summary:" | cut -b 14-`
>hg log -vpr $NODE | mail -s "commit: $SUBJECT" commit-list at
Thanks. I replaced 'commit' with 'changegroup' since I want to set this 
up in a remote repo that nobody commits to.

Where does $NODE come from? It tells me that

remote: hg log: option -r requires argument


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