rename, copy X remove inconsistency?

Matt Mackall mpm at
Thu Sep 22 13:25:45 CDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 05:06:12PM +0200, Zbynek Winkler wrote:
> Hello
> Why does 'hg rename A B' or 'hg copy A B' does the work of renaming for 
> me, while 'hg remove A' refuses to do the remove complaining that A 
> still exists?

All three now actually perform the action specified:

$ ls
CONTRIBUTORS  PKG-INFO        doc/       hgmerge*      notes.txt   tests/
COPYING       README          hg*        hgweb.cgi     rewrite-log   comparison.txt  hgeditor*  hgwebdir.cgi
Makefile      contrib/        hgext/     mercurial/    templates/
$ hg rm README
$ ls
CONTRIBUTORS  PKG-INFO        hg*        hgweb.cgi     rewrite-log
COPYING       comparison.txt  hgeditor*  hgwebdir.cgi   contrib/        hgext/     mercurial/    templates/
Makefile      doc/            hgmerge*   notes.txt     tests/

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