hg commit doesn't catch changes made during editing of commit messages

Vincent Danjean Vincent.Danjean at ens-lyon.org
Thu Sep 22 14:36:29 CDT 2005

Rob Browning wrote:
> For example, if you're double-checking/updating your commit message in
> while in the $EDITOR by looking at the output of "hg diff" it seems
> likely that you might notice some error in the diff, and then go fix
> it.  I know I've done that sort of thing in the past.

You can look at the hgct tool[1] It shows diff of files that will be 
commited. Version 0.3 should be soon available (hgct will be available
as an extension)


[1] http://www.cyd.liu.se/users/~freku045/gct/

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