New standalone Windows release

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Fri Sep 23 10:17:02 CDT 2005

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> Hello! I am using 0.7-2 windows version and I am experiencing some 
> problems (on debian the same thing works just fine).
> D:\temp\>hg pull --ssh plink
> pulling from ssh://zbynek@matforge//hgroot/
> requesting all changes
> adding changesets
> adding manifests
> adding file changes
> added 0 changesets with 0 changes to 0 files
> (run 'hg update' to get a working copy)
> remote: bash: hg -R /hgroot/ serve --stdio: No 
> such file or directory
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I have been seeing the same behavior on my system (using F-Secure SSH).
The problem seems to be caused by the following line in
	cmd = "%s %s '%s -R %s serve --stdio'"

ssh is interpreting the entire part in single quotes as a command name
instead of breaking it up into a command name plus arguments. Removing
the single quotes helps, but the pull command ends up hanging, as others
have also observed...

-- Olivier

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