Date format problem with tailor svn->hg conversion

Jeremy Fitzhardinge jeremy at
Fri Sep 23 13:15:55 CDT 2005

I'm trying to import a project with tailor, but the first commit fails with:

adding test-glut/ball1.png
adding test-glut/simple.c
adding tools/Makefile
adding tools/decode_ge_dump.c
hg commit -u "tailor at localhost" -l /tmp/tailorraSu7hhg -d '1127497675.0 UTC' transaction abort!
rollback completed
abort: invalid date: '1127497675.0 UTC'
 [Error 256]

I presume this used to work at some point.  Did hg used to understand
dates in this format, or is there something else wrong?

hg tip is 1324:77cd8068dbf4, and I just fetched tailor so its whatever
the current version is.


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