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Michael Paesold mpaesold at
Sun Sep 25 13:27:32 CDT 2005

Hello Matt and all,

I just tried mercurial for the first time (because mercurial is used for xen 
development) and I am quite impressed. Compared to many other SCMs this is a 
really usable systems even after such a short time of development (compared 
to many others!). And compared to even more systems, the architecture is 
really great.

I have used a test inspired by an author of subversion with mercurial:
(example down on that page)

The test is modified a little bit from the sample above. There is one file 
initially containing "1\n2\n3\n", which is than modified in two branches:

Branch A:      Branch B:
|              |
one            1
two            2.5
three          3
|\             |
| \            | # merge, conflict resolved as:
|  `---------- one
|              two-point-five
one            three
two-point-one  |
three          |
 \             |
  \            |
   `-----------  # merge again

The interesting point is at "merge again". What should happen in the optimum 
case is that only the "two..." line is put in conflict markers, the "one" 
and "three" line should be in all inputs of the three-way merge. This works 
e.g. with SVK (a distribution extension to subversion) and, according to the 
information given in the URL above, also in ClearCase. I guess in many 

Doing this with mercurial (version 0.7) results in this conflict:
<<<<<<< /home/mip/test-b/test.txt.orig
||||||| /tmp/test.txt~base.B6K9JZ
>>>>>>> /tmp/test.txt~other.-42PwO

What I don't understand is why the base is chosen as "1\n2\n3\n" here (the 
very first changeset). If mercurial remembers the first merge, it should 
know that the base must be "one\ntwo\nthree\n" instead.

Is this a mercurial short comming or bug, or did I do something wrong?
I have attached a self-contained test case as bash script. Watch out as it 
does a "rm -rf test-a test-b" first.

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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