New standalone Windows release

Zbynek Winkler zwin at
Mon Sep 26 07:43:51 CDT 2005

Matt Mackall wrote:

>>Yes, PeekNamedPipe is also what I found after some googling. Here is a
>>Windows version of sshrepo.readerr() based on that API:
>>    def readerr(self):
>>        hpipee = win32file._get_osfhandle(self.pipee.fileno())
>>        while 1:
>>            try:
>>                buf,avail,ignore = win32pipe.PeekNamedPipe(hpipee, 0)
>>                if avail <= 0: break
>>                l = self.pipee.readline()
>>                if not l: break
>>                self.ui.status("remote: ", l)
>>            except Exception, e:
>>                errno = e[0]
>>                if errno == 109: # other end disconnected or end of file
>>                    break
>>                else:
>>                    raise
>>That change would obviously break Linux, but the 'hg pull' command now
>>works for me under Windows. I also verified that stderr output from the
>>remote gets reported as it should.
>If you can make a function that wraps both the select and peek
>versions in, I can integrate it.
How is this doing? I'd love to see this integrated. I don't myself use 
windows but some of my colleagues do. I've decided to give mercurial a 
shot in our group but for that I need push from windows to work... Is 
there any other way except ssh to 'push' that is know to work on windows?


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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