Plattform independent Test Cases

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Thu Sep 29 04:28:43 CDT 2005

* Volker Kleinfeld <Volker.Kleinfeld at> [20050920 20:46]:
> the current test case suite is based on shell scripts, 
> which make the test execution unix dependend. It would 
> be great to have a more pythonic way to run 
> test e.g the use of unittest in connection with a module 
> encapsulating shell commands ....

Having real unit tests in addition to the current kind of testing
the complete program would be a benefit, not only for windows.

This way you can test if single functions do what you would expect.
For a more complete test a unittest test suite could import
mercurial.commands and this way test the commands similar to how it
is done now.

But I think the other tests shouldn't go away for now, as they
provide a good reference of bugs that occured in the past.


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