mq traceback

Chris Mason mason at
Thu Sep 29 06:31:38 CDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-09-29 at 16:17 +0800, Ling, Xiaofeng wrote:
> TK Soh <mailto:teekaysoh at> wrote:
> > --- "Ling, Xiaofeng" <xiaofeng.ling at> wrote:
> >> mq need patch to mecurial for strip, now just an extension script.
> >> 
> >> pull from
> > 
> > I already was pulling from it. That means I can't use it together
> > with the latest Hg source? 
> you can do merge yourself. there are  no conflicts.

Right.  That trace shows that your installed hg doesn't include the mq
changes to the core hg code.  I'll do a merge soon, I'm still going
through the backlog from being mostly offline at a conference.  Until
then, you can merge or stay with the current mq tip.


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