[PATCH 0 of 2] [RFC] more verbose command help

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Thu Sep 29 08:04:27 CDT 2005

* Eric Bloodworth <ergosys at gmail.com> [20050925 14:03]:
> This is a first cut at a more verbose (and hopefully more helpful)
> command help.
> If OK, I'll do the rest of the commands as needed...

* Eric Bloodworth <ergosys at gmail.com> [20050925 12:42]:
> strip leading spaces from all lines of help strings

See 'hg help update' which already has a long help. I think the
indentation (though maybe not intended) is quite nice here and
should not be removed.

* Eric Bloodworth <ergosys at gmail.com> [20050925 13:53]:
>  def add(ui, repo, *pats, **opts):
> -    '''add the specified files on the next commit'''
> +    '''Schedule files to be added to the repository
> +
> +       The files will be added to the repository at the next commit. 
> +       If no names are given, add all files in the current directory and its
> +       subdirectories. '''

Please look at 'def update' in commands.py: The following lines
should start in the column of the first quote.
And watch out for trailing spaces.

Otherwise having more informative hg help would be great.


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