Why I am no longer working on Mercurial

Ollivier Robert roberto at keltia.freenix.fr
Fri Sep 30 18:00:22 CDT 2005

According to Bryan O'Sullivan:
> However, Larry conveyed his very legitimate worry that a fast,
> stable open source project such as Mercurial poses a threat to his
> business, and that he considered it "unacceptable" that an employee of

It may be legitimate but it is _his_ business not yours and I don't see why
you should be affected.  This license is really a POS although of course,
the US have a legal system that allow such behaviour.

> a customer should work on a free project that he sees as competing.

> To avoid any possible perception of conflict, I have volunteered to
> Larry that as long as I continue to use the commercial version of
> BitKeeper, I will not contribute to the development of Mercurial.

Shame -- again -- on BM to have such behaviour.

> As such, Mercurial can stand entirely on its own merits in comparison
> to BitKeeper.  This, I am sure, is a situation that we would all
> prefer.

Thanks a lot for all things you've contributed to Mercurial over its months
of existence!
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