Problem cloning from server on windows

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Sun Dec 10 08:54:11 CST 2006

* Andrei Vermel <avermel at> [20061210 09:44]:
> >>C:\aaa>hg clone
> >>zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing: invalid distance too far back
> >>transaction abort!
> >>rollback completed
> >
> >Seems some apache error, please look in apache's error.log.
> Of course I checked, nothing in there. Something else I noticed,
> during remote web access, long pages are incomplete, terminating at random 
> places. If accessed locally, they seem to arrive in full. Apache logs don't 
> show
> anything interesting. I tried running 'httpd -X', still nothing. I'd be 
> grateful for any advices where to investigate further.

Hrm, you could use ethereal/wireshark to listen to hg and apache
talking to each other. Sometimes there are very obvious problems
visible, like python tracebacks during data transfer sent over the


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