Mercurial 0.9.2 released!

Matt Mackall mpm at
Sun Dec 10 20:13:17 CST 2006

The latest release of the Mercurial distributed SCM is available at:

New features:
 - merge now follows renames and copies
 - new layout protects against case-insensitivity issues
 - new branch and branches commands for managing named branches
 - push command accepts -r for pushing specified heads or named branches
 - proper storage of changelog and other metadata in UTF-8
 - log, annotate and grep '--follow' follow renames and copies
 - date parsing is improved and log, update, and revert accept --date ranges
 - additional command options for log, status, addremove
 - improved schema for hgweb URLs
 - bundle can now use '-r' and '--base' removing the need of an base repository
 - support for git-style extended patches with --git option
 - new debuginstall command to check for common installation issues

New contributions and extensions:
 - mq
   - support for quilt-style guards
   - can import existing changesets into mq ('qimport -r') or 
     commit mq patches as regular changesets ('qdel -f')
   - edit the log message with 'qrefresh -e'
   - rename patches with 'qrename'
   - qheader to display the patch header of particular patches, 
     and '--summary' for qseries, qapplied, qunapplied and qtop
   - combine patches with 'qfold'
   - qrefresh supports pattern options to import only a subset 
     of the changes into a patch, to help split changes into multiple patches
   - patch names for applied patches act like local tags, and can be 
     used in the revision arguments of any hg command
 - hgk
   - browse a subset of the history with '--limit' and revision range arguments
   - shows revision numbers as well as node hashes
 - churn: graph lines of code changed per user over a range of history
 - patchbomb: generate inline attachments with '-a'

Behavior changes:
 - hg cat defaults to the working directory revision rather than tip
 - hg manifest no longer shows internal file revision hashes by default
 - hg revert now requires the -a flag to revert all files

Developer notes:
 - new high-level API functions in the 'hg' module
 - new context API simplifies many operations
 - The changelog can now include arbitrary metadata in key: value form

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