'forest' extension

Robin Farine robin.farine at terminus.org
Sat Jul 15 08:02:43 CDT 2006


Here is a first cut of a Mercurial extension that provides commands 
to help working with trees composed of many Mercurial repositories.

From the module's doc string:

  This extension provides commands that apply to a composite tree
  called a forest. Some commands simply wrap standard Mercurial
  commands, such as 'clone' or 'status', and others involve a
  snapshot file.

  A snapshot file represents the state of a forest at a given time.
  It has the format of a ConfigParser file and lists the trees in a
  forest, each tree with the following attributes:

    root          path relative to the top-level tree
    revision      the revision the working directory is based on
    paths         a list of (alias, location) pairs

  The 'forest-snapshot' command generates or updates such a file
  based on a forest in the file system. Other commands use this
  information to populate a forest or to pull/push changes.

I am posting it in the hope that it can be useful to other people 
and comments, critics or suggestions are welcome.

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