Joint Mercurial / Bazaar-NG sprint in London, June 2

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Fri May 12 11:35:35 CDT 2006

Hi, all -

With the recent releases of Mercurial 0.9 and Bazaar-NG 0.8, there's a
lot of energy going into building top-notch distributed SCM tools in

Indeed, there's already cross fertilisation taking place between the two
projects; Alexander Schremmer's excellent branchview work
( uses some
Bazaar-NG code, while Goffredo Baroncelli's web server for Bazaar-NG is
a straight port of hgweb :-)

Mark Shuttleworth is graciously sponsoring a weekend-long sprint at the
beginning of June to discuss possible further collaboration between
Mercurial and Bazaar-NG.  Each project has a team of highly capable and
enthusiastic developers who produce fantastic software, so it will be
quite interesting to see what happens.

In terms of how the two projects compare, their conceptual models and
user interfaces are very similar.  Mercurial has a huge performance lead
over Bazaar-NG (see, but Bazaar-NG handles merges across renames, which we don't have (yet!).  I'm sure proponents of each project would argue that theirs has a better "user experience" :-)

It looks like the attendees from the Mercurial project will be Matt
Mackall, Benoit Boissinot, and Thomas Arendsen Hein; and from Bazaar-NG,
Martin Pool, Aaron Bentley, David Allouche, and Robert Collins.

We'll keep you posted on the result of the sprint.  If there are any
Mercurial users in the London area (hello, Xen developers!), I'm sure we
can find some time to hoist a few pints, so drop me a line :-)



Bryan O'Sullivan <bos at>

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