Anyway to host a central repository on svn?

JustFillBug mozbugbox at
Thu Nov 2 02:18:06 CST 2006

Since google code/sourceforge/savannah use svn/cvs to for version
control, I am wondering if there is a tool that would let you put a
mercurial repository into a svn server? So that other people can sync
will a repository that's 'always online'.

A tool that will push/pull changes to a svn repository and
convert/recover the information to/from a mercurial repository. In case
there are extra infomation that svn did not save, a special .hg-svn
directory will be created at the svn server side. Infomation that is
needed to recover all the mercurial repository can be written to that

Is it possible? and anyone have written one like it?

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