Help. I've screwed up my repo again, and I have no idea how.

Joseph Bruce joe.bruce.psu at
Thu Nov 2 12:05:34 CST 2006

On 11/2/06, Rafael Villar Burke <pachi at> wrote:
> Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
> > I think it is important that Mercurial doesn't start to do things
> > magically, this might annoy the experienced user and confuse the
> > beginner.
> >
> Maybe it would be useful having a helper setup script that is able to
> build up an hgrc file for you by answering some simple questions, such
> as name, address, favourite editor route, favourite diff and merge tool
> or verbosity level. That way the magic could go away from the core
> application and the installation and initial steps would be easier.
> Later, you can tweak the hgrc by hand or could use that script to save
> to a different file.

That's an excellent idea. At this point I am experienced enough with
Mercurial that I just copy my .hgrc and .hgignore around from machine to
machine as my use of hg propagates (e.g., to personal projects where
previously I used svn). For a novice who doesn't like to read the
documentation / do the tutorial, a setup script would be a useful

Probably this could be a nice way to contribute for someone that thinks
> this would be nice to have :).

Agreed!  NOTE: I am not volunteering to write one -- I just think it'd be
helpful.  If only I had more free time...

- Joe
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