bug: repo at root of filesystem does not work correctly

Robert Shaw rshaw at dpkg4x.org
Mon Nov 6 20:37:04 CST 2006

Hi All,

I found a couple minor problems when using a HG repo that's init'd at  
the root of the filesystem. If you do the following:

$ su -
# cd /
# hg init
# vi .hgignore
(add these lines)
# hg status
(it will report strange ? lines like this)
# cd /etc
# hg status .
: No such file or directory

As you can see, there are some strange issues with how it's handling  
the fact that the repo's at the root of the filesystem. It is  
actually incorrectly removing the root of the repo (always assumes  
the root location of the repo is at least 2 characters long, ooops).  
I've attached a patch that fixes the two problem areas I've found,  
and it seems to work fine now.

Just wanted everyone to know in case others run into this. It would  
be good if this fix can be incorporated into the next release.


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