tracking a file that is hg removed

Matt Mackall mpm at
Wed Nov 8 02:27:17 CST 2006

On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 10:33:41AM +0200, Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
> * Dean Roehrich <dean.roehrich at> [20061028 03:29]:
> > This is something I noticed today with mercurial 0.91.  A changeset which
> > removes a file does not show up when I ask mercurial for that file's history:
> Removes are only recorded in the manifest, because the actual file
> content didn't change. For quite a while removes are recorded in the
> changelog, too, therefore you can find the changeset via
> 'hg log -k filename'.
> With 'hg log --debug' you'll see removes explicitly, but this can be
> quite slow as it has to compare the manifest revisions.
> > At this point, on a large project, it could become very difficult to find a
> > changeset that removed a file.
> Yes, therefore we have
> Matt, what is your current opinion on this?

We can probably have a switch like --copies that goes the slow path
and finds removes.

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