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Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Thu Nov 9 15:43:16 CST 2006

* Russell Suter <maverick at> [20061109 20:14]:
> Russell Suter wrote:
> >Hey all,
> >
> >I've been playing with branches.  Very nice!  But...
> >It doesn't appear that hgk works correctly with
> >branches.  The vertical lines representing the
> >branches appear but the relationship between
> >the branches is wrong.  Specifically, the points
> >from which the branch is created.
> >
> >Does hgk require an update?
> Here's a sample branchpoint from the log file:
> changeset:   6:24aff8ebfdcc
> branch:      bali
> parent:      -1:000000000000
> user:        <Username>
> date:        Thu Nov 09 10:04:10 2006 -0700
> summary:     <Summary>
> Is that parent right?  Could that be the problem?
> I'm using an hourly snapshot from Tuesday morning.

Uhm, this doesn't look like branches, but like completely unrelated
changes. That -1:0000 thing is the nullid, which is the only parent
of the first changeset and of every other completely unrelated
set of changes.

What you have is not a branch, but a second tree in the same
repository. But you can merge these tree later if you want.


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