new history punching code

Ollivier Robert roberto at
Sun Nov 12 13:10:15 CST 2006

According to Chris Mason:
> I've revived my history punching patch, you can pull it from here:

I just tried to merge with the curent tip and I had to manually merge 3/4
files.  Do you think you could maintain it with respect to tip?  I'm not
sure of what I choose when merging with kdiff3 so I may have made a

Context is, after a lenghty discussion with fellow FreeBSD committers at
the EuroBSDCon summit just before the conference, the need to have a
"obliterrate" kind-of feature just got higher in the FreeBSD priority

We have had previous requests from lawyers (the *etris and b*ggle cases)
to remove actual code the source tree so even though it is much more
difficult to have such a feature in modern VCS using hashes for everything
and linking previous changesets data.
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