Branches & hgk

Russell Suter maverick at
Wed Nov 15 19:26:42 CST 2006

Ollivier Robert wrote:
> According to Russell Suter:
>> to send on.  I'm writing a script to convert from Arch (including all
>> branches) to Mercurial.  There are 12 branches and thousands of
>> patches.  I am using cloned repositories to manage the Arch branches
>> and doing pushes to a central repository.  I'm not using the --force
> Are you aware such a converter already exist?  It doesn't create different
> repos or in-repo-branches when converting (you have to specify each c--b--v
> you want) but it works.
> <>
Yes, I have tried it.  As you say, it doesn't handle branches.  
for me, this is entirely a political issue and not a technical issue or 
I would
have used it.  What makes it even harder is that Arch has very powerful
branching capabilities which I'm having trouble matching even with the
new Mercurial branching code. 



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