Can't copy directory - is this a win32 issue?

Andrei Vermel avermel at
Wed Nov 15 17:49:19 CST 2006

I am trying to rename a directory (on winXP, using the latest prebuilt version - 
Mercurial-0.9.1-a27d90c9336e.exe), and it doesn't work.
Is this not supported yet, or it's something due to win32?

u:\temp\qqq>hg manifest | grep OpenDWG
e3d0bff73481e8da1792da07afc18eef9bc511e2 644 OpenDWG/Crypt/WinNTCrypt.cpp
3b6cd8fb39266ab48bb12999a988bd4282db9575 644 OpenDWG/Crypt/WinNTCrypt.h

mkdir app
u:\temp\qqq>hg copy -n OpenDWG app
abort: no files to copy


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