GPL'd Java and how Mercurial might have helped...

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Sat Nov 18 10:42:48 CST 2006

No he meant Mercurial. Subversion is only be used as a temporary measure
and it's a read-only repository. We will work around the Collabnet issue
if necessary.

The plans are to provide the OpenJDK as a Mercurial repository or 
repositories (possibly using the forest extension).
The complications of converting many Teamware workspaces is not
easy, and the legal issues are a pain too in terms of what history
can be exposed.

So internally we are still using Teamware, and using lots of tools that are
built around Teamware. It's been 10 years on this SCM, so we may need a
few months or a few more than that to transition to Mercurial. ;^)


Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
> * Florian Weimer <fw at> [20061118 06:55]:
>> * Peter Stamfest:
>>> Here is a link to an interview briefly mentioning (and linking to) 
>>> Mercurial and its "contribution" to making Java open source:
>> I suppose he meant to write "Subversion", given that Sun has
>> outsourced large parts of their OpenJDK project infrastructure to
>> Collabnet.
> I suppose he wrote what he meant:
> "Internally, we use a tool called Teamware, but for various reasons,
>  it didn't make sense to export that to the rest of the world. So one
>  of the big changes over the last year has been that there's a new
>  source-code management tool called Mercurial, and that's made
>  everyone in engineering very happy."
> SVN is neither new nor comparable to Teamware.
> Thomas

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