multi site?

John D. Mitchell jdmitchell at
Thu Nov 23 11:15:22 CST 2006

On 11/23/06, Walthier Máté <mate.walthier at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is the Mercurial SCM able to support multi site mode?
> So there would be several storage servers around the globe and the
> failure of one of them didn't effect the other sites, the work could
> continue.
> See ClearCase.

I personally don't see a need to support that directly.  The whole
point of a DSCM is that each copy of the repo is complete and usable.
So, while e.g., the connection is down to your centralized/"master"
server, people just keep right on working in their local copies of the

If you still wanted some local but shared versions of the
respositories (for example, to save bandwidth/time), you can still do
that reasonably easy yourself.

I.e., have a set of master copies of the shared/"centralized"
repository and cron or setup hooks for them to push/pull to/from each

People would then push/pull/clone to their local, shared copy of the
master and only try to go to non-local, shared servers if the local
one was dead for a long time.

Hope this helps,

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