Detecting incoming merge/conflicts before they get pulled

Benoit Boissinot bboissin at
Thu Nov 30 15:54:36 CST 2006

On 11/30/06, Kelly O'Hair <Kelly.Ohair at> wrote:
> Does anyone know how to find out of a 'hg pull' would result in
> needing to do merges or conflicts? Without actually doing the pull.
> The hg incoming tells me that changesets need to be pulled, but
> not if they would result in conflicts.
> I'm working on an automated integration system and at one point I'll
> have a set of potential changesets from multiple repositories and
> I wanted to provide a heads up when merges might need to happen
> (which have to be done manually of course).

If outgoing and incoming are non empty, then you'll have to do a
merge. Otherwise  one tree is a subset of the other.



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