Detecting incoming merge/conflicts before they get pulled

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 30 16:25:26 CST 2006

If outgoing and incoming are non empty, that doesn't mean
you will have merge conflicting changes in files though.
That's what I'm after, "Will files need to be merged due to
changesets changing the same file".


Benoit Boissinot wrote:
> On 11/30/06, Kelly O'Hair <Kelly.Ohair at> wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to find out of a 'hg pull' would result in
>> needing to do merges or conflicts? Without actually doing the pull.
>> The hg incoming tells me that changesets need to be pulled, but
>> not if they would result in conflicts.
>> I'm working on an automated integration system and at one point I'll
>> have a set of potential changesets from multiple repositories and
>> I wanted to provide a heads up when merges might need to happen
>> (which have to be done manually of course).
> If outgoing and incoming are non empty, then you'll have to do a
> merge. Otherwise  one tree is a subset of the other.
> regards,
> Benoit
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