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Aidan Van Dyk aidan at highrise.ca
Wed Apr 4 12:22:09 CDT 2007

* Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> [070404 13:13]:
> If I download files from Apache (which is about as close to
> authoritative as I think we can get), I see:
> tar.gz -> application/x-gzip
> tar.bz2 -> application/x-tar
> zip -> application/zip
> And downloading Firefox:
> tar.gz -> application/x-gzip

And interestingly, from the debian mime-types:

	#  Note: Compression schemes like "gzip", "bzip", and "compress" are not
	#  actually "mime-types".  They are "encodings" and hence must _not_
	#  have entries in this file to map their extensions.  The "mime-type" of an
	#  encoded file refers to the type of data that has been encoded, not
	#  the type of the encoding.

And they configure:
	application/x-gtar                              gtar tgz taz
	application/x-tar                               tar

and no entries for .gz or .bz2

And the apache "magic" in debian calls things genericly
"application/octect-stream", with a "x-gzip" encoding.

For all more fun ;-)

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