Problems using Mercurial

Khoo Meng Tze-B10971 B10971 at
Thu Apr 12 21:14:01 CDT 2007

I'm a new user of the Mercurial system. I am trying out the system the
first time on my pc, and got some error messages when I try to "hg ci"
my changes on my local repository.
This were the steps that I took
-create directory on unix system (Solaris)
-mv some txt files into the directory
-run hg init on that directory (successful) 
-run hg ci -A
HG: user: MT KHOO <b10971 at <mailto:b10971 at> >
HG: branch default
HG: changed x1.txt
"/tmp/hg-editor-fBtjNQ.txt" 4 lines, 80 characters
-Ctrl-z because no response from terminal
-run hg status
cvsserv{b10971}116:hg status
A x1.txt
-vi x1.txt
-edit x1.txt (add some lines)
-hg status
cvsserv{b10971}119:hg status
A x1.txt.
The respnse shows that I have not modified the file (the "A" before
xi.txt), but in fact, I have already done so!!.
-when I run "hg ci" again, the response shows:
cvsserv{b10971}120:hg ci
waiting for lock on working directory of /user/b10971/test6 held by
Any idea whats going on??
MT Khoo
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