cute post evaluating HG

Patrick Mézard pmezard at
Sun Apr 15 13:04:12 CDT 2007

Marcin Kasperski a écrit :
>> Although hg (can't speak for bzr) run on Windows, 
> It seems to me that on large repo hg is significantly slower on Windows, 
> than on Linux.
> No measures, just the feeling.

Same feeling here, still no numbers.

>> it's still not
>> appearing to the Windozers largely due to the lack of GUI.  These
>> days, we can't expect most [average] developers on win32 to be
>> command-line savvy.
> Not only this.
> I never understood why windows people insist on having a gui (for 
> example, I used cvs and
> subversion for about 10 years, and never seriously used any linux gui 
> for those tools), until
> I got windows laptop and started using it. Ugh. Cough. Brr. Spawning 
> terminal, moving
> to the correct directory, issuing the command, reviewing its results - 
> takes so much effort,
> that any gui is of incredible help. So, for instance, while using 
> subversion, on Linux I stick
> to svn commands, and on Windows I use TortoiseSVN only.

You can leverage the "open prompt" step with explorer plugin which open 
a prompt where you tell them. I work with snv and hg this way all day 
and only rely on Tortoise/hgk for code review.

Now, the real problem is Windows shell is a toy and even worse, hard to 
use in a reliable way. Besides, many basic tricks in hg wiki rely on 
shell scripts (hooks for instance) and are much harder to implement 
under Windows. Which means you better have another language (python, 
perl, whatever) to perform some tasks, which adds to your deployment 
costs (package unavailability non-withstanding).

I am fond of hg but really I would not consider deploying it in Windows 
environment with people unable or unwilling to hack it by themselves.

Finally, I am still hitting the case-folding ambiguity sometimes (I am 
working with mq over svn) and recovering from this is not trivial (and I 
am in the easy case where I do not really care about my hg history so at 
worse I can just thrash everything and restart a new repo).

Patrick Mézard

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