remote: abort: no space left on device (but it seems there is enough space)

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Mon Apr 16 04:15:34 CDT 2007

Marc Bevand napisał(a):
> Marcin Kasperski <Marcin.Kasperski <at>> writes:
>> While executing hg push, I got an error
>>          remote: abort: no space left on device
>> But there is about 2GB of free space on the remote side, and local .hg 
>> has about 500MB.
> This error can also mean you are running out of inodes, check 'df -i'.
Surely not the case, 12000 used, 765000 free.

And the most interesting thing: when I ssh-ed to the obtaining node and 
'hg pull'-ed from it (instead
of 'hg push'-ing to it), everything worked OK.

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