remote: abort: no space left on device (but it seems there is enough space)

Alexis S. L. Carvalho alexis at
Mon Apr 16 09:31:11 CDT 2007

Thus spake Marcin Kasperski:
> While executing hg push, I got an error
>          remote: abort: no space left on device
> But there is about 2GB of free space on the remote side, and local .hg 
> has about 500MB.
> Is mercurial trying to use some other filesystem (say /tmp or remote 
> home)? Or what can
> be the reason of this error?

To avoid keeping the repo locked while the client is uploading the data,
hg writes everything to a temporary file, locks the repo and then
uses this temporary file to add the revisions.

Since we don't specify any directory, python obeys $TMPDIR/$TEMP/$TMP
and then falls back to /tmp, /var/tmp, ...

Maybe we should create this temporary file inside .hg...  Hmm...


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