Improving Windows support

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Mon Apr 16 14:57:15 CDT 2007

>> To encourage testing (and acceptance), the installer will have to work
>> out of the box. Right now it isn't, as users still need to hunt for
>> the merge tool and get it setup and run.
Hmm, I must say that in my case the most troublesome part of mercurial 
installation was getting
correct ssh line in the mercurial.ini, hgmerge just picks tortoisemerge 
and works.

>> Bottom line, we can't have a distributed VCS like Hg without the
>> capability to merge. So IMO, Hg should provide it's own internal
>> merging support. For now, perhaps one (written in python?) can be
>> bundled with the Windows installer. Though some hacking might be
>> required to make it work 'out of the box'.
I really doubt any windows user would consider it improvement, to have 
command line tool
implemented as replacement for GUI tools.

The good and simple solution is to select preferred merge tool from 
those existing (probably kdiff3)
and either bundle it, or check for its presence during installation and 
in case it is not installed download
the newest version and spawn its installer. Plus advanced option for 
hackers 'I wanna use and configure
my own difff/merge tool'

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