Improving Windows support

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Mon Apr 16 16:31:07 CDT 2007

On 16/04/07 Lee Cantey said:

> I'd personally like to see more feedback on Windows issues raised on
> the list in general.  I've slowed down Windows snapshots since I
> haven't gotten much feedback and since the regression tests don't run
> natively I'm never quite sure if it's going to be a solid build
> without spending time poking at it.

I've raised one or two issues in the past, but I was left with the impression
that the windows port was not a priority, so I stopped. 

I've documented some of my mercurial on winblows experiences here

So latest problem seems to be using plink to push changes, which mostly works
but now and then just doesn't, with no diagnostic information on why.

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