Improving Windows support

Alexis S. L. Carvalho alexis at
Mon Apr 16 16:51:57 CDT 2007

Thus spake Michael P. Soulier:
> On 16/04/07 Lee Cantey said:
> > I'd personally like to see more feedback on Windows issues raised on
> > the list in general.  I've slowed down Windows snapshots since I
> > haven't gotten much feedback and since the regression tests don't run
> > natively I'm never quite sure if it's going to be a solid build
> > without spending time poking at it.
> I've raised one or two issues in the past, but I was left with the impression
> that the windows port was not a priority, so I stopped. 
> I've documented some of my mercurial on winblows experiences here
> So latest problem seems to be using plink to push changes, which mostly works
> but now and then just doesn't, with no diagnostic information on why.

When I give Google the "Unable to read from standard input", it points me to
which suggests this was a problem with putty, which is (probably) fixed
in current development versions.


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