Improving Windows support

Alexis S. L. Carvalho alexis at
Mon Apr 16 19:04:01 CDT 2007

Thus spake TK Soh:
> Bottom line, we can't have a distributed VCS like Hg without the
> capability to merge. So IMO, Hg should provide it's own internal
> merging support. For now, perhaps one (written in python?) can be
> bundled with the Windows installer. Though some hacking might be
> required to make it work 'out of the box'.

I've just pushed a few changesets to crew that import the three-way
merge code from bzr as contrib/simplemerge.  This is not supposed to be
the ultimate merge tool - it's just a simple replacement for systems
without a usable /usr/bin/merge.

I've also changed the test suite to use this simplemerge by default
instead of relying on the presence of a program called merge, which I'm
hoping will improve the situation on windows with pysh and maybe fix
some problems on Solaris reported by Giorgos Keramidas a while ago.


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