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Thu Apr 19 17:11:57 CDT 2007

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>> They also have no problem converting Mozilla CVS repo into git repo.
>> With respect, it doesn't appear to me that sufficient effort has been
>> channel into the converter.
> I think I saw cvsps mentioned in the Mortal-Combat-inspired blog entry,
> which may explain some of the conversion problems.  I'm using cvs20hg
> for quite some time now, and planning to test convert-repo too, so this
> is why I was interested in a more detailed report of the sort
> OpenSolaris people did :)

It sometimes worries me how much I still depend on CVS.

I am trying out a move to mercurial for all the same reasons as Mozilla,
and had difficulty finding a CVS import that worked. This is my first
experience with python, so when none of the existing translators worked
for me I was a bit worried. (Fortunately python is very easy to learn.)

I couldn't get cvsps to work at all, and the problem was not immediately
easy to work around. I managed to get cvs20hg to work (minus the branch
support) after hacking it somewhat.

Is there a specific location to discuss CVS sync projects/contribute

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