[ANN] tortoise-hg

Steve Borho steve at ageia.com
Thu Apr 26 17:06:50 CDT 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 4:40:15 pm Andrei Vermel wrote:
> > I would really like to know what
> > non-executable 'hg' file is causing Tk Soh so much trouble.   Does
> > Windows have the equivalent of a 'which' command?
> It's probably the hg file inside a mercurial repo :)
> Only cygwin's 'which' as far as I am aware.

Oh yeah... his screen shot was from inside the crew repo.  Windows must 
be finding 'hg' in the current directory and trying to run it from 
there.   So the work-around I checked in should fix this case.

He was running it from the one place in his filesystem it was broken :)

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