[PATCH] Allowing multiple project-specific .hgignore files

Zachery Hostens context at relayd.net
Mon Apr 30 01:36:30 CDT 2007

Personally id agree on the .hg/localignore.  It follows the .hgtags and .hg/localtags idiology, is something common (ie: global) and isnt a file name that has to be managed.

include: lines would only give you the flexability of having a common standard per repository.
would you rather have a standard .hg/localignore or having 10 developers deciding on a good local ignore file (which will end up being localignores or 'myignores' or something similar.)  or worse yet, having 10 include: lines inside of .hgignore that are constantly be added/removed to, from main repo and thus only being successful in creating useless changesets.

as for having /etc/mercurial/hgignore inside an ignore list i cant see fathomed at all.  if im checking out multiple repo's (on a box i do have root on or not) i dont want a myserious global ignore list im gonna forget about every other bluemoon wasting 30 minutes of my time tracking down where the ignore is.

my 2 cents.

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 08:17:11 +0200, Marcin Kasperski <Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl> wrote:
>> It could also be done by adding an include: syntax to .hgignore, which
>> might be more flexible and simpler?
> IMO include is better (after all, then one can also include
> /etc/mercurial/hgignore for instance). To avoid specifying everything
>       include <directory>/
> should include everything in given dir.
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